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Five Most Important Tips To Reduce Your Freight Cost

Freight costs account for a major portion of your business’s expenses. With rising freight charges, you’re likely finding the ways to reduce the shipping cost. As you expand your business, your operations will also evolve. In such a situation, you definitely need the strategies or tips to reduce the financial burden of transporting your goods. Whether you’re shipping locally, nationally or internationally, it’s important to find the best options for you. Logistics companies in Chennai would be the best choice for you. By choosing them you’ll be able to save money as well as time.

Also, with some simple yet important tips, you can reduce your freight cost. Have a look-
  • Evaluate your mode of transportation!
Air freight transportation is typically expensive option than the ocean, especially for international shipping, whereas localized freight is best delivered by rail or road. So, it is important to evaluate your process, know which type of goods you’re transporting and also their travel distance.
  • Reconsider your packing!
One of the simplest ways to reduce the transport cost is to pack freight more efficiently. Space consumed is typically a major thing that logistics companies in Delhi consider when deciding the freight rates. Thus, reducing the space will definitely cut down the freight cost.
  • Agree to ship a fixed volume!
Larger businesses often fix the specific standing capacity in order to reduce transportation costs. Logistics companies in Chennai offer such solution for discounted rates and special treatment. If you regularly ship goods between fixed locations, this will be a good option for you, but for small businesses, this is not suitable. Fixing standing capacity saves you from paying significantly higher prices to the transporter.
  • Find the best freight deals online!
Use the Internet to find the best freight deals. Some logistics services providers and truck rental services often advertise online to attract more customers. You can get the best deals and discounts but, in this case, you need to spend more time to research more.
  • Make a long-term agreement!
To reduce the amount you spend on shipping, try to develop a relationship with the logistics companies by making long-term agreements with them. Talk to your regular transporter regarding a setting up an agreement which benefits both the parties in the long run.

How TruckGuru can help you to reduce your freight cost?

TruckGuru, one of the top logistics companies in Chennai is helping their customers to get advanced, quick and safe transport services at the most affordable prices. They make a long-term relationship with their clients by making an agreement with them that suits their needs and budget. By choosing TruckGuru as your freight transport partner, you will notice a significant growth and profit in your business.


  1. Well lowering down the shipping cost will effectively impact on your budget of shipping however you need to know how you can low down it moreover there are ample of ways by which you can do it as you can less your shipping items which you can easily move by yourself beside this you need to hire affordable auto shipping service which are cost effective.

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  3. We offers a proper management of goods and materials between two destinations. Logistics management is a vast term that can include services such as air freight forwarding, warehouse services, air cargo companies, car transportation, hiring a truck/tempo service and transporters services. The role of a logistics company is to help link customers with the best logistics services.

  4. This is great. Thanks for sharing these tips. contract logistic provider is important to us

  5. Most of the logistics businesses are shifting to automation and digitisation to keep track of your budget and freight cost allocation. With ease of integration, Fretron is one stop solution for all your logistics & supply chain needs. From order planning to final invoice & settlement, Fretron gives you access to real-time data points to help you revamp your business strategies.

    7 Strategies to Reduce the Freight Cost


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